The Stone Age & Stone Age Cooking

Children will investigate the Stone Age - when was it? What were their houses like? Pupils will also prepare, cook and taste Stone Age food and look at how some of the cooking techniques are still used today.

Duration: Full Day

The Stone Age & Stone Age Cooking Activities Include:
  • When was the Stone Age.....from the old to the new!
  • Stone Age settlements and houses
  • Fire by friction
  • Handling and discussing Stone Age hunting tools and cooking equipment
  • Preparing, cooking and tasting dishes using Stone Age techniques and skills
  • Looking at how we still use Stone Age cooking today

The Stone Age & Stone Age Cooking

The Stone Age and Stone Age cooking programme introduces children to not only how people lived and survived this period of history, but also how we can learn from their culinary skills, even today. They will discover examples of some of the foods that were gathered, grown or caught and how it was prepared and cooked through a 'hands-on' demonstration and exploration of tools and artefacts. 

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"The frying pan you should give to your enemy. Food should not be prepared in fat. Our bodies are adapted to a Stone Age diets of roots and vegetables" (Burkitt)