Seasonal Changes

Sessions allow pupils to experience phenomena by looking closely at the natural world around them. First hand experiences allow learners to observe changes, describe weather and use their senses to explore differences in their local environment throughout the year.

Duration: Full Day

Seasonal Changes Activities Include:
  • Four separate visits to same location to observe changes across the four seasons
  • Working creatively - producing collages and works of art that show how the landscape looks and feels
  • Describing weather and how day length varies

Seasonal Changes

The 'Seasonal Changes' programme provides opportunities for pupils to observe and talk about changes in the weather and the seasons. Children work scientifically by making charts about the weather and day length as the seasons change.

Learners are encouraged to be creative by studying changes in colour, changes to the does it change and feel at different times of the year? 

Total cost for the four days - £700 (Saving £80)

Please get in touch for more details or to discuss your specific requirements.

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